Business of VEC

Policy Proposal

Policy proposal and announcement about startup businesses
Startup companies bring out the vitality of Japan


VEC has been hearing the view from executives of startup companies and venture capital firms through informal meetings, discussion meetings and surveys, and through examination, we have made many policy proposals.

We deal with many fields; “Technology, R&D, Intellectual Property”, “Money Policy”, “Taxation”, “Human Resources”, “Management”, “Local Development” and “Comprehensive Support Measures”

In 2007, we made proposals about “Necessity and expansion of Angel tax system (special tax incentives for the promotion of investment in startup businesses)” and “Necessity of investment database building” based on “Fieldwork in the US (Oct. 2007)” and “VC study meeting (Nov. 2007 ~ May 2008, Chairman: Prof. Hamada from Hokkaido University gradschool)”. These proposals brought the drastic expansion of the angel tax system in the FY2008 tax reform.

Recently, FY2014 tax reform has been implemented based on Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act that was enacted in December 4, 2013. This brought the tax breaks for business companies that invest in VC funds investing in startups.

Revitalization of Emerging Markets

We make many kinds of proposals for emerging markets so as to be more attractive to startups
and venture capital firms.

Classified Stock

We make many kinds of proposals with some relevant organizations to stimulate non-listed
startup companies to use classified stock.