Business of VEC

Business of VEC

Research & Information

Provision and research of various information to assist entrepreneurs

■Research on investment trends of venture capital ■Investigation of trends in startup companies
■Global research on entrepreneurial activities

VEC is continuously conducting three types of researches: “Survey on venture capital”, “Research on entrepreneurship”, and “Investigation of trends in startup companies.” The results are not only published to the people involved in startup businesses, but also to the general public.

Survey on “Venture Capital Investment”

Survey on fund status (e.g. venture capital)

Bulletin was published (same with the English version)

Analysis Chapter and All-data Chapter were completed (same with the English version)


Survey on trends of startup businesses 1983 – 1994
Survey on venture capital investment 1995 – 1999
Survey on investment trends of venture capital 2000 – ongoing
Survey on venture capital fund status 2001 – ongoing
Survey on venture capital playback & buyout 2003 – 2015
Retrospect and prospect of startup businesses 2008 – ongoing

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Participate in global “Investigation on Entrepreneurship (GEM Survey)”
(Until 2013)

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Latest Quarterly Venture Capital Investments on Startups

Survey on the trends of domestic startup companies established in the last 5 years

“Survey on the establishment and growth of startup companies” was compiled in 2007.
We will continue to undertake timely researches on various topics in the future.