About VEC

Officer roster

Venture Enterprise Center, Japan, Director, Auditor, Councilor

(August 21,2021)

Chief Director

Ryuji Ichikawa (full-time) Japan Venture Capital Association, Advisor (Concurrent)

(Last official position: Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister, responsible for National and Regional Planning Bureau)


Masatoshi Go (part-time) Chief Executive Officer of TNP Partners Corporation
Akira Suzuki (part-time) Lawyer of Turner Law Office
Nobuyuki Hata (part-time) Honorary Professor at Kokugakuin University
Professor at Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
Takeshi Fuyuno (part-time) Director of Japan MIT Enterprise Forum
Masanori Yamawaki (part-time)


Yosuke Horiai (part-time) Certified Public Accountant of Horiai Account Office


Takashi Kumazawa (part-time) President of Vision Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
Shinsuke Sakamoto (part-time) President of Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co.,Ltd.
Nobumasa Tsutsui (part-time) Chairman of Tokai Medical Products, Inc.
Tetsuya Matsuura (part-time) Executive Vice President of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN
Yoshiro Morishita (part-time) President of Shinwa Syoji Co.,Ltd.

(in syllabary order)